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Yogyakarta city 1 day start from $150 usd / pax


The largest Buddhist temple in the world is located in Magelang, about 1-hour drive from Yogyakarta. The beginning of construction is evaluated around the year 750. It occupies an area of ​​2,500 m2 on the ground and consists of 9 platforms – 6 square and 3 circular – it is surmounted by a central dome.

Very popular with tourists – international but mostly local – during the day, it is an incredible place at sunrise.


This Hindu temple is the largest dedicated to Shiva, and its construction begins around 850 by the King Ratan Pikatan. Consisting of 224 temples, the site is pleasant in a park. Less visited than Borobudur, the visit allows to discover the different temples dedicated to the Gods – Shiva the Destroyer, Vishnu the Guardian, Brahma the Creator.

Prices for “1 Day temple’s trip: Borobudur & Prambanan”

The driver picks you up around 8:00 am* at your hotel, and with the professional guide, you first visit the Borobudur Temple, then the Prаmbanan Temple

Including car, petrol, and parking and driver, professional guide and entrance tickets for 2 temples.

Package 1 person: 1,990,000 RP or $150us

Package for 2 people: 2 690 000 RP or $200us

Package for 3 people: 3,390,000 RP or $245us

Package for 4 people: 4 090 000 RP or $290us

* for a visit of Borobudur at sunrise, the pickup will be around 4.30am and the price is increased by 200 000 RP per person

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